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Parent Tot (2yrs)

Your toddler will love this class. Especially formulated for Mommy and Me… or even Daddy, Grandma or sitter. Use of age appropriate curriculum such as galloping, marching, clapping, using song and dance. This class performs in the Annual June Concert (without mommy of course) and they always steal the show!

Princess Pre-Dance (3 & 4yrs)

Be a different princess every week at dance. Wear themed costumes or dance clothes with a tiara!  Choose from any of the princesses from Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Anna, Elsa, even Tinker Bell! Switch them up so it’s different each week.  Learn the basics of the 3 main genres of dance: Ballet, Tap (no tap shoes), and Jazz. This class will dance in the recital.  Sticker book with princess stickers will be given each week!

Princess Ballet (4-6 year olds)

Same description as above, except these dancers will learn classical ballet technique.  You will start with traditional pliés and tendus and move on to more fast paced jumps and across the floor fun!  Of course Ballet performs in the recital.  Stickers and sticker books each week!

KINDER-TAP (4-6 year olds)

Learn the basic fundamentals of tap.  Learn rhythm and coordination while making fun sounds with your shoes.

KINDER-JAZZ (4-6 year olds)

Your little dancer will love this high energy basic jazz class! From beginning isolations to jumps, turns, and fun dance combinations.


Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance including figure skating and gymnastics. Here you will begin to appreciate a love for the discipline of the art as well as learning grace, poise and flexibility. Move your way through various ranks from beginning to intermediate to advanced and eventually pointe and company classes.


This is an American original making fun sounds and rythmn patterns with feet. Musicality and precision are taught as well as counting music. As a beginner learn classic steps and work up to harder more stomp style and rhythm tap as well as stylized Broadway based tap


Jazz originated from African dance traditions in the early 40’s & 50’s. It took on a more polished Broadway theater type flare and then in the 90’s and early to mid 2000’s a very pop based style also known as “Hot Jazz” as well as a jazz funk. At Dance Grosse Ile, we teach traditional classical jazz and mix it up with jazz funk as well as Hot Jazz. Jazz is most popular in music videos, commercials and movies. The music in class is always upbeat, popular and current. All music is age appropriate. We also teach separate classes in both genres of Jazz and Hip Hop as well!

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop is one of the most popular dance styles. You can find hip-hop in T.V. commercials, music videos and movies such as ‘Step Up’ as well as on Broadway. Classes are structured in the traditional hip-hop format; Isolations, stretching, dance technique, progressive movements, as well as emphasis on tricks” such as,  breaking, popping and locking and more.

Musical Theatre

Taught mostly in the competition levels, is most commonly known for it’s Broadway popularity. It’s a blend of dance, music and drama. Students learn how to pantomime song (while dancing and acting), combining these three elements to form an outstanding performance. If you love musicals you’ll love theater dance! We incorporate theater dance in our competitive levels but teach theater dance workshops and camps in the summer for all age and skill levels!

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Instructed by a gymnastics coach and is taught in 3 levels;

Level 1-basic tumbling, somersaults, cartwheel, and learning 1 handed cartwheel and backbend. Once these skills are perfected, you will move on to level 2.

Level 2- Must have all level one skills to enter this level.Perfecting 1 handed cartwheel, back walkover, round off and intro to aerial. Once these skills are perfected, you will move on to level 3.

Level 3- Must have all Level one and two skills to enter this level. Here you will have a solid aerial on either the right or the left and you will be working to get the other side consistently. Also, this is where you will learn roundoff back handspring, front aerial, and more.

Our tumbling classes are required for the competitive team if they are still in need of these skills as tumbling is in a lot of the choreography for the competitive team.

All dancers in the school at any level are welcome to attend tumbling, including all recreation classes!

Private coaching is also available.


Studio G also offers voice instruction. Please call to schedule your session(s) with our professional vocal coach!

Adult Classes

Studio G offers adult classes in Tap for both the experienced and beginners. These classes are ideal for physical fitness, self confidence and an appreciation of dance. For beginners all moves are basic and are taught slowly. For more experienced adult dancers, the class will take on more of an intermediate to advanced tone.

In addition to recreation classes, Studio G also has an award winning company/competitive team. Dancers are invited to audition to be a part of the competitive/company level. In addition to the general recital, which is for all students, the competitive team and company also compete at 3 regional competitions as well as perform in the Nutcracker, and other Ballets.  If you are recreational  student interested in the Nutcracker please email for info. All dancers are welcome to participate in the Nutcracker!